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Live you're dreams, for those who never got the chance.

Laugh wail you can, for those who never learned how.

Love with all you're heart, for those who's hearts have grown cold.

And for the Love Of God hug those you love, for tomorrow may never come.
Live for today
I got this idea last night after I finished "Grave of the Fireflies". It is one of the most beautiful story's I've ever seen. It's the kind of story that makes you think, makes you look at the world a little different. It's something everyone should watch it at least once.

Got it at. 9/16/14 11:05pm

Wrote this down at 9/17/14 7:10pm
The Kingdom's Of Ice

The ice gleam glows, as the dawn begins anew.

Snow piles up, as the poro's play too.

But the sounds of battle are never far off.

Three tribes, three souls, forever at odds.

Until but one is left.

The Frost Archer, Queen of the Freljord, who's frozen arrows always find there mark.

With a heart that could warm even the coldest of ice, she seeks peace through unity.

The Yeti rider, and the Cryophoenix stand by her side. Along with the Barbarian King, The

Heart Of The Freljord shall beat on until peace is reached.

The Winters Claw, with a will stronger then any True Ice.

There leader charging into battle like The Winter's Wrath, crushing any who stand before her might.

Only the strong survive, that's what she tells them.

Fight, Kill, Live. That's the way of the Freljord.

Cut from the ice, shaped in the storms, hardened in the cold.

Nothing short of death with stop her advance.

With The Spirit Walker and the Thunder's Roar, Ragnarok is near.

The Freljord with be hers.

The Frost Guard lies in wait.

For centuries untold The Ice Witch watches, in her palace of ice, she watches time pass by.

They believe her dead, but little do they know.

The lies she's weaved, history retold to suit her goals.

Soon the Watchers will be reborn, as will the world be reborn in ice.

Standing with her is the Troll King, with his true ice club.

All will be crushed, until the last warm bodies grows cold.

These bitters enemies, once sisters fight for control.

Even long after the snow gleams crimson, and the final blows are dealt.

The battle rages on.

But in the end, that is the way of the frozen north,

chilling to the bone.



That is the way of the Freljord.
LOL The Kingdom's Of Ice
This is my first time doing any kind of "fan art" so I thought why not give it a try. I picked the Freljord because I really like all the lore and the stores behind it.

If you like it please comment and share with you're friends, neighbors, and the creepy uncle you only see at family reunion. All feed back is welcome:D

P.S. Each fave this gets a Poro:poro:  gets a mustache.

Feel free to join.


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