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                                                                         The Seven

It appeared on the night of the blood moon. A giant gate stretching to the heavens appearing out of thin air. What started at first with fear soon gave way to curiousity. The worlds leading minds came together to unravel the mystery of this strange gate. After a few years the public grew accustomed to their new visitor and moved on. Only the most diligent and focused minds stayed to study. But even they had there limit. It started one day with a small sound coming from the otherside. Only one of the scientists heard it... he was also the last, for the next morning they found his body with a hastily scribbled note that simply read "Their Coming".

The Gate remained there motionless for 7 years.

Then it opened.

Without warning or reason the giant gate emerged from it's slumber and as the world looked on in horror, they came.

From inside they emerged in endless numbers, beasts straight from the darkes of nightmares spread across the earth. There numbers so large the Sun itself along with any hope were blotted out. Then when things were darkest "THEY" came. From the Gate, Seven Titan like figures emerged. The Sitem as they were called lead the hordes in a blood filled campaign against Earth. The world tried to fight back, letting loose with everything they had and for a time they held back the hord but they know if something wasn't done all was lost.

Then from above a shining light emerged. This light pearcing the vail of darkness that threatened to consume humantiy. It flies swiftly through the hord destroying all along it's path. The world looked on with hope perhaps they had a chance, with renewed spirit they charged the hord pushing them back towards the gate. They fought on knowing this was there last chance and with the light leading them, victory was almost within sight. Then The Sitem stepped forward to face the light. The light went forth  and warned the Humans back for they were no match against them. The Light fought for what semed like eternity but in the end their numbers were too great and the light fell. The world rushed to the fallen light and saw it grow dim. When the light faded they saw the light for the first time. She looked up and saw the faces of the world looking down upon her and was filled with sadness. She was not able the save their world just as she couldnt save her own. But she didn't give up, not yet. With her final moments she chose seven of the worlds bravest heros and divided her power among them, and with that she was gone.
The Seven heros stepped forward towards the darkness and raised there weapons. They were humanities last hope, they would not fall! With the world cheering them on they charged The Sitem.

The sounds of war rang across the battlefield neither side giving an inch, and just when The Seven Heros began to falter they remembered the light and it gives them the strength to fight on. Both sides of the war watched with bated breath.

For seven days and seven nights they fought and finally in the end The Seven HEROS... fell.

One by one the Heros were cut down. The hord now with the upper hand fought back and over powered humanty. They captured those who would submit and killed those who wouldn't, only a small handful are able to escape. They look on at there world now in flames.

The war is lost. The Sitem has won.

This is where our story starts with all hope gone and the world in the control of the hord we follow the few who got away as they try to survive in a world where the hero's lost.
The Seven
In story's the Hero always win. The Knight slays the Dragon, the Angel beats the Demon, and the "Good guy" always win. But what happens when they lose? What happens when the Dragon kills the Knight and torches the Kingdom, the Angel isn't able to defeat the Demon? What happens when the Light falls?

Any feedback is gladly welcome :D If you have any questions or ideas, something you think would be cool I'm more then happy to hear themI am a dummy! Had this on wale I was writing it's pretty epic and the songs really fit the theme really well.

Feel free to join.


United States

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